FM 100

⇒   Engine power rating: 50 to 350 HP (37 to 261 kW)
⇒   Max. fuel flow rate: 80 US gallons/hour (300 liters/hour)
⇒   Max. operating pressure: 60 P.S.I. (413 kPa)
⇒   Top Load: Max. Engine power 325 HP (243.75 kW), max. fuel flow 75 g/h (283 l/h)
⇒   Water separation efficiency: Up to 95% of whole water separation

  • Heavy duty aluminum header assemblies with a variety of threads sizes and port configurations available
  • Optional modular features (Heaters, Primer Pumps, WIF Sensors, etc.)
  • Elements available in different sizes and micron ratings
  • MARINE systems and components have enhanced corrosion resistant coatings and conform to U.S.C.G. regulations

NOTE: Enhanced Retention System (ERS) elements are not compatible with other elements or headers.


FM 100 With Electric Lift Pump

⇒   Final filter assemblies for aftermarket use where an electric lift pump and higher fuel flow rates are desired.
⇒   For Engine Sizes from 50 to 350 Horsepower (37 to 261 kW)
⇒   Typically, Includes a Water Collection Bowl with plastic drain valve.
⇒   Heavy-Duty aluminum headers with anti-corrosion coating.
⇒   Reverse Flow1 for extended pump life.
⇒   Lift Pump Requirements:
  • Power: 12 Volt, 4 Amp
  • Circuit: Fused, Switched (Key “On” = constant power). Includes; five feet (1.5m) of 18 gauge wire harness (2 wire) with mating terminal
⇒   Two Types of Lift Pump Assemblies Available: (Brush or Brushless)
⇒   Maximum System Flow up to 80 gallons per hour.
⇒   Assemblies contain a Non-Adjustable Internal Pressure Regulator
⇒   NOT direct replacements for OEM Fuel Manager systems.


FM100 Components

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